03 Proven Ways To Get Tumblr Followers Fast


Tumblr and a few more micro-blogging platforms work slightly in a different way than social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

An individual might gain hundreds of followers in a day just by posting stunning pictures on Instagram, but the same person will be going to struggle a lot for followers when it comes to Tumblr.

Over the past few months, businesses started jumping on the bandwagon of popular microblogging platforms, mainly Tumblr, to promote their ad campaigns and brands. And, the biggest question they encounter is — how to get Tumblr followers fast?

Calm down! We have compiled some useful tips on growing followers on Tumblr. So, read, consider some of the below-mentioned points, and get started.

Get Tumblr Followers Fast

As said above, Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform that resembles the features of Twitter. Founded by David Karp, and currently owned by Yahoo.

In a nutshell, it’s worth tagging Tumblr as an ‘image blogging platform’ where users can post images and get likes, notes, followers through it.

Everyone says that engagement is all about sharing quality content instead of quantity, and that’s indeed correct.

Make efforts to build huge followers at least over one social media platform because the same will contribute to earning genuine followers on Tumblr later. Here are some valuable tips to ease up things.

  1. Follow More Accounts
Follow Similar Accounts

The first essential step towards increasing followers is to follow more accounts. While doing so, keep these strategies in mind:-

  • Follow accounts that belong to your industry niche.
  • Target suitable age-groups, considering for which age group, your product will be suitable. Filter out all those Tumblr profiles and follow them.
  • Keep an eye on comments. People commenting on your posts might be interested in the brand too.
  • It’s not compulsory only to follow popular accounts. Even accounts with fewer followers can prove beneficial if they find yours interesting.
  • Embrace ‘follow-back strategy’ if you don’t want to lose followers. At some point, when your brand will get enough popularity, limit this action.
  • Regardless of how effective service (or useful product) a company offers, no one is going to follow a new account unless the content looks appealing. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of marketers to design content with keen interest.

2. Engage With Others’ Posts

Take out time from the busy schedule to create a list of Tumblr accounts to interact with. Once the list in hand, start commenting, reblogging, and following them to boost the network. Be watchful, don’t miss any post that displays over your profile.

We can still see a lot of misconceptions among users regarding Tumblr. Some people simply release a post and add some tag that represents desired accounts. This strategy won’t work when your aim is to get tumblr followers fast.

Brands need to plan things ahead, and then directly jump into other’s Tumblr profiles, comment on their posts, and get opportunities to connect with a new audience or potential audience.

Extra tip: Tumblr allows businesses to modify their URL several times that helps them to escape the downsides of web crawlers.

3. Update Pictures Frequently

Update Images

As we know, Tumblr is a visual-based platform, and users try their best to post unique pictures to acquire quality audience commitment. The Internet is full of enchanting content. All you need to do is a search & explore. Apart from that, various image editing apps also let us create perfect posts according to dimensions accepted by different social networking platforms. Listen to these post ideas:-

  • Stick to humorous posts.
  • Post a mix of Gifs and still images.

Most Significant Piece Of Advice

The golden rule for experiencing win-win situations over Tumblr (and, over every social media site) is doing experiments with posts.

Set your creativity level to the highest point. Tumblr users love to appreciate posts that stand out from the rest. The same goes for brands. Fetch intriguing ideas from your competitors and recreate them for your business. That’s how things work out.

Whether you have just started with Tumblr or are struggling for years to get Tumbler followers fast, our information will help you to reach the milestone. Don’t waste precious time stressing on weak points. You can add some tips that we haven’t mentioned here, but that’s worthwhile,

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